Reach the SPIKE of your career. The SPIKE esports agency represents and protects influencers, gaming athletes and helps position brands in the field of gaming.

We create opportunities for




Move fast, break things. Go all-in into gaming, let us take care of the rest.  With our joint forces, the spike of your esports career is much closer.

While you focus on gaming, we take care of your revenue-producing opportunities, legal safety, and personal brand. To the Esports industry, we bring our expertise in legal representation and personal brand building.​

Are you an established pro esports player renegotiating an existing contract or a free agent negotiating a new deal? Are you a content creator that needs support in building your personal brand? Reach out to us!

Our goal is to support, improve and protect your esports career by:

Maximizing your esports earnings 

Helping you get better deals from teams and sponsors ​

Advising you on how to get out of bad deals ​

Supporting you in disputes with teams and sponsors

Helping you take control of your esports career

Advising you on strategic guidance of your career



At SPIKE Esports Agency there is a fusion of different experts, each having a background in various fields such as gaming, sports management and representation, legal and marketing.

SPIKE Esports Agency is a joint project of and Lemur Legal.

Vanja Čas

Managing Partner

Is an experienced marketing strategist and outstanding brand creator. During her career, she has gained marketing knowledge from various industries. Her clients range from the biggest corporations to tech startups and successful gamers. She mostly enjoys negotiating the best deals and looking for innovative approaches to the business.

Alja Šavle

General Manager & Head of Content

Is a community manager and content creator. She has been involved in the Slovenian gaming scene since 2009, when a group of her friends started organizing local esports events, and later by managing the social networks of various gaming communities.

Peter Merc

Partner, Legal Advisor

Is a lawyer, specializing in contract law, IT law, and legal matters related to intellectual property rights, such as image rights. He is the founder of Lemur Legal and Fintech Factory, two consulting agencies for startups and tech companies. He is also a founder of several startups developing solutions in sports tech and fintech.

Samo Zavašnik

Partner, Business Development Partner

Is the mastermind of esports and SPIKE Esports Agency. He has been involved in the esports industry since 2012 and is well known as a Slovenian pioneer and visionary of the gaming industry. He has unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the esports ecosystem. Samo is a founder of, a leading esports association in the SEE region, known for organizing gaming events endorsed by Red Bull, Lenovo, Logitech, Redragon, and others.

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